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From: Wayne Gibbens

Today is the day you take charge of your advertising! Look we all know that Text Ad Exchanges Work Wonders For Advertising, Signups, and Listbuilding... At List-AdExchange, Get Awesome Advertising, and Commissions! If You want to Succeed Online, then You Need to Build Your List, and Promote Your Business Effectively! That is what List-AdExchange is All About... Advertising Your Business Opportunities!

We have taken the Best of All Advertising Sites and Combined them into One Effective Advertising Machine! With Our Slide Up Viral Adz, Your Websites and Affiliate Links are exposed Virally Across the Net, And You will be able to Build Your List and Earn Commissions virtually on AutoPilot!

With Our brand New Viral Store, You Get Commissions when one of your Referrals makes a Purchase of Anything in the Store! We will be adding items into the Viral Store on a Regular basis with quality ebooks, software, graphics, and more top products as they become available. Forget Plug-N-Play! Get Commissions on AutoPilot, when Your Referrals Make a Purchase!!

And the Big Kicker...Upgraded Members.. You can Email EVERYONE that Joins After You! Yes that's right Folks, You can Email the Site List with a Credit Link, Every 7 Days for Pro Members. For JV Partners, You can Email the Site List every 3 Days! Oh, before I forget, how much does this cost? Nothing...Nada...Zilch! No Credits, or Points required for that.

We Currently Have Over 27 Different Ways for You To Advertise Your Sites and Offers, And We've Even Included a Way for You to Have Your Very Own Signup Bonuses via The Transfer Advertising Feature! Surf the New traffic Exchange now Included at List-AdExchange, and if You Upgrade to JV, You can Promote up to 4 Different Primary Business Opportunities to Your Downline Members via an Extra Bonus Page!!

Join as a Free Member, and take Us for a Test Drive! Advertise Your Sites with SuperSolos, Contact Solo Ads and Other Advertising Options, or You can also Upgrade Your Account to JV Partnership Via the One Time Offer, and Receive a Monthly Advertising Package, and Get Instant Viral Adz and Text Adz Credits!

Here is what you get as a Monthly Bonus for being a JV Partner of List-AdExchange:
3 Solo Ads
3 Traffic Links w/100 clicks
1 Banner Ads w/1000 views
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An Ads Package Valued at Over $120 Every Month!!

Advertise Your Websites Across The Net While Building Your Downline At The Same Time!

With our Slide Up Viral Adz System, You can Get Maximum Results with Minimal Effort. Simply place your ads into our system and you'll soon receive massive exposure across multiple sites. We've even encoded your Affliate URL's into the adz, so you can build your list at the same time by referring others to

Site Features

The following features are available to members, depending on your chosen membership level:

  • Contact Solo Ads Sent to All Members!
  • Member Solos - The No Email Solo!
  • Up to 50% commissions for all upgrades and advertising purchases
  • Affordable Super Solo Ads to 14,500+ members and growing daily
  • Monthly advertising package for JV Partners
  • Referral activity and daily login bonuses
  • JV Partners can Promote up to 4 Primary Business Opportunities to their downline members!
  • Surf the New Traffic Exchange! Add Your Favorite Sites for Member Surfing!
  • if you meet the commissions payout threshold, you get paid commissions daily!
  • Upgraded Members Email the Site List, Which is Everyone that Joins After You!!

New Member Bonuses

All members are invited to use promo code: freepro and You will be provided 3 Solo Ads, 3 Banner Ads, 3 Traffic Links, 2 Headline Ads, 2 AdsPlus Ads, 2 Button Ads, 1 Premium Ad, 2 Block Ads, and 2 HotLinks! Plus 500 Viral Adz Credits, and 500 Text Ads Credits! And a Free Pro Account!

One Time and Special Offers

Upon signing up, you will be presented with one or more OTOs (One-Time Offers) to join List-AdExchange. These OTOs are provided to give you significant price reductions for our upgraded memberships, as well as additional advertising opportunities. The OTOs will be modified/increased at various membership increments. Some will only be available for a very limited time, so take your time, and read each offer carefully. You can see for your self what members of List-AdExchange Receive:

JV Partners: 50% Referral Upgrades, Referral Advertising Purchases, Referral Store Purchases. $23.50 OTO Commissions!

PRO Members: 25% Referral Upgrades, Referral Advertising Purchases, Referral Store Purchases. $12.75 OTO Commissions!

FREE Members: 10% Referral Upgrades, Referral Advertising Purchases, Referral Store Purchases. $4.70 OTO Commissions!

List-AdExchange is Everything You Could Ever Want in an Advertising, Safelist, Traffic Exchange, Software&Download Store, or List Building Site!! We Have What You Need To Succeed!

Make the Choice!

No Boxbe, or Any Kind Auto Reply Email Address on Signup!

Pro Membership

5000 points on joining

500 points for every solo ad click

1500 points for every referral

Post 10 times a day

$0.25 for every paid referral

Price: $15.00 Lifetime

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Free Membership

1000 points on joining

250 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Post once every 1 day(s)

$0.1 for every paid referral

Price: FREE

No List Email Addresses!
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from us, by using a free Gmail account!

You may not use AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or
any service that prevents email delivery!

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